Speaker Leadership Niek van den Adel-Keynote speaker leadership, customer focus, change, inspiration, care

“From manager to inspiring leader”

Speaker Leadership

What is an ‘inspiring leader‘? Is (s)he only there to make employees happy? Can’t they do that themselves? Niek will show you and your organization the new way of leadership. Less managers and more leaders!

The term ‘inspiring leadership‘ seems to indicate that a leader is meant to inspire the individual employee. A noble aspiration perhaps, but is that a leader’s only added value in the bigger picture? Why can’t employees inspire themselves? How do you fulfil your role as an inspiring leader?

A great leader must be able to be group member first.

Niek will gladly inform you and your organization about the new way of leadership. How do you keep yourself and your employees focused on your mission? How do you provide for self-steering teams? At what time do you need to act as an inspirator and when should you give them a boost? What can you do better and what should you avoid doing? What works for the new generation that is not yet applicable to the previous generation? What does all this require from you as a leader?

An inspiring leader knowns the most about himself. Then about his employees.

Over the past 15 years, Niek has been advising executives (and their teams) on leadership styles and issues in all types of businesses. He sets up and supervises leadership programs, and coaches the leading entrepreneurs and directors.
Do you also want to learn (more) about leadership or hire Niek as a (guest) speaker on leadership? please contact us.

Looking for other speaker topics?

Besides leadership, Niek also likes to be on stage to inspire you on topics such as customer focus, healthcare, change management or just to inspire you to do better.

Curious about keynote speaker Niek van den Adel?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about humans during all his education. He decided to catch up and gain the knowledge he missed. He now learns (more) about SCILNLP, psychology and visits every guru, absorbs everything that has to do with personal development. read more about Niek’s personal story.

Speaker Leadership Niek van den Adel-Keynote speaker leadership, customer focus, change, inspiration, care


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