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“Customer focus is the superlative step of services
Which is a reminder “

Speaker Customer Focus

Of course… we can talk about how we create an organization with customer excellence, hostmanship, the 9 + NPS experience…. We can make it as complicated as we want. But let’s start at the basics. Being nice to each other, to our visitors and to our customers, more difficult than that, it doesn’t have to be. As a customer-oriented speaker , Niek takes you along with this.

Customer focus, also known as hospitality, is of immense importance to any organization. It doesn’t even matter which industry you are active in. At a bank, in a supermarket, in education or in care: we just don’t know how to deal with each other, with our customers and our visitors. It actually applies to situations in our entire life. If you hear someone saying ‘ Good morning ‘ in the train, you know that it can only be the conductor, right? Any other present is silent and prefers to avoid contact.

Is that very? No, that’s actually pretty funny. It is only sometimes good to discuss with each other what we consider to be normal customer-oriented and hospitable behaviour. Maybe not so much the American ‘ How are you? ‘ But then what? If you start working, do you only donate coffee to yourself? Are you sitting behind your computer, or are you going to go to all the offices to say goodbye?

Say honestly: Do you say goodbye to the receptionist every morning?

Customer focus in practice

Niek can draw on 15 years of hospitality experience. From dishwasher to cook, from waiter to host, from Café to star affair, from clean maker to owner. In his role as Inspirator and Keynotespreker, he likes to tell stories about what we can learn from the catering industry. What is service – and is it still of this time? The speech is more than suitable if you:

  • More happy employees and customers want to have
  • Want to get back to the essence of your field
  • Wants to work on future skills
  • The intrinsic motivation and a powerboost wants to get
  • A keynote speaker wants people to talk about for months

As a motivation speaker, Niek will gladly first undercover in your organization. Then he confronts in a company nomination your organization with what he experienced during the mystery visit – with a laugh and occasional tear. This is shown to lead time and time again to special findings and useful conclusions, which are immediately applicable. For as I said, let us not make it too complicated. Something for your organization?

Looking for other speaker topics?

In addition to customer-oriented speaker, Niek is also keen on stage as Speaker leadership, inspiration, care and change.

Curious about speaker Niek van den Adel?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about man during all his trainings. He decides to catch up. He delves into NLP, psychology and visits every guru and everything that has to do with personal development. read more about Niek’s personal story.

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