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“Happiness is not in your legs.”
-Niek van den Adel 2010, speaker Care

Speaker Care

If there is one concept where Niek feels completely at home, it is like Speaker Care -positive health (Institute of Positive health): health as the ability to adapt and conduct your own direction, in light of the social, physical and emotional challenges of life.

Doctor-researcher, she did research to further develop this concept and she found that people with experience with illness find that health has to do with all life areas. This broad vision on health with six dimensions called Huber ‘ positive health ‘. Not health as ‘ absence of sickness ‘, but ‘ positive health with six dimensions ‘, namely bodily functions, mental well-being, the spiritual-existential dimension, quality of life, social-civic participation and daily Functioning.

Niek can fully agree with the core values of this new perspective on health and takes it as Speaker care:

  • In the new concept of health, man is central, not the disease.
  • People feel in their strength and not in their weakness.
  • Maybe someone does have a diagnosis of a disease, but there is a very large area where he or she is healthy.
  • This health can still be strengthened.

Niek also likes to combine his personal experiences with positive health. Can you use the elaboration of this definition to engage in a different conversation? What does that require of the patient and the health care provider? Learn about positive health, narrated by a man who knows all about the combination health and positivity? Looking for me as a speaker care? please contact us!

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Besides speaker care, Niek also likes to be on stage as Speaker leadership customer focus, inspiration and change.

Curious about keynote speaker Niek van den Adel?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about man during all his trainings. He decides to catch up. He delves into NLP, psychology and visits every guru and everything that has to do with personal development. Read more about Niek’s personal story.

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