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“Resilience is the power to learn from our scars.”

Speaker Change: Resilience

“Reorganization, new technology, new employees or an increasing workload. The fact is that the world is changing around us. And fast too!”

And that is not bad at all. In an inspiring speech, I explain how everything changed for me at the age of 28. How do you shape your new reality in which everything, really everything, is different? I remember being very angry and sad, rebelling against everything and everyone, wanting to go back in time where nothing had changed.

But that strategy did not bring me much. Just more anger and grief. But how did I -and many others- succeed? Why do some people and some organizations go through change as if it were nothing?

Niek shares his 5 success factors, so you can start your own change management right away. Imagine you are embracing all the change, because you know it will bring you pleasure. Imagine that you are turning every setback into an opportunity, and you do not longer know resistance, because you understand that it is not the company and not the change that determines your happiness; it is you and you alone!

It’s not the change that determines your happiness, but it’s you and you alone

Over 15 years, Niek has been advising executives (and their teams) on leadership issues in the field of change management. He starts and supervises leadership programs and coaches the leading entrepreneurs and directors.  Do you also want to learn (more) about managing change or hire Niek as a (guest) speaker on change? please contact us.

Looking for other topics?

Besides change, Niek also likes to be on stage to inspire you on topics such as Speaker Leadership, customer focus, inspiration and care.

Curious about Keynote speaker Niek van den Adel?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about humans during all his education. He decided to catch up and gain the knowledge he missed. He now learns (more) about SCILNLP, psychology and visits every guru, and absorbs everything that has to do with personal development. Read more about Niek’s personal story.


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