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“If you choose to live, you also choose
The consequences thereof. “

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Niek’s story is not yet another story of someone who got an accident and saw the light. It is a story about love, pain, death semen, strength, a puppy, hospitality, perseverance, humor and success. Niek’s story is one that has already provided thousands of people with inspiration – and that many thousands of others are hoping to achieve.

On his achtentwintigste, Niek is severely beaten by his engine. The consequence: a spinal lesion that paralyzess him from his chest. But with him there is another rare perk: a syrinx, a cavity in his spinal cord that also constantly threatens his remaining bodily functions.

Inspiration speaker

A spinal cord injury and a syrinx: those two wish you no one. However, Niek thinks differently. According to him, this is the ideal combination for real bikkels. His idea: As long as we can live with it, we must do so. and therefore good. So, eight years after his accident, he is married to his ergotherapist, he is father of three beautiful daughters, he has built a fine energy-poor house, he speaks as an inspiration speaker, international thousands of people (100 + keynotes per year), He teaches people that may be the key to happiness in embracing pain and his blogs are read 200,000 times. His motto: Happiness is not in your legs. Happiness is a choice. The following topics are covered:

  • Dealing with Change
  • Resilience as a key to success
  • Not motivate but inspire

Celebrate your spine injury

Nieks story live in your organization? Are you in a reorganization, unsure about the future, or just celebrating a party? Everything is allowed and everything can. That is possible. please contact us. At the tip of your chair, astonishing and a ‘ once of a lifetime experience ‘. We promise that every listener will go out with new inspiration.

Looking for other speaker topics?

Besides inspiration speaker Niek also likes to be on stage as Speaker leadership, customer orientation, care and change.

Curious about keynote speaker Niek van den Adel?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about man during all his trainings. He decides to catch up. He delves into NLP, psychology and visits every guru and everything that has to do with personal development. read more about Niek’s personal story.

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