“Happiness is not in your legs.”
-Niek van den Adel 2010-

Speaker on Care

Hospitality is of enormous importance not only in the hospitality industry. As a former hotelier, Niek has been speaking in Dutch care for more than 10 years about the hospitable dealings with colleagues, visitors and patients.

Because hospitality in the care contributes to the experience of patients and their visitors, but also because it makes your own day as a healthcare provider more enjoyable.

There is much change in care at present. Niek knows all about it from experience. In 2010 he went down with his motorbike and he landed in a wheelchair. He was in a care institution for eight months and was a regular customer at five different hospitals and other care institutions. He has therefore experienced that the workload in care is increasing, the tightness of the labour market is increasing and the pleasure of work is likely to disappear into the background. For his trainings and inspiration sessions he often uses his own experiences during his rehabilitation process. He likes to take you and your employees to what it is all about.

No one is going to work in the care of the rules and the Protocols. In health care, people who want to mean something to others are working, and that is the possible profit. It actually sounds very logical, right? Niek always works from the triangle Patient-practitioner-family, in which the three must be in balance. But how do you now get a triangle in balance? How do we get together that, despite all the changes, everyone continues to enjoy the excellent health care we have in the Netherlands? How do we get that nice atmosphere back in the department and do we ensure that patients continue to choose your care institution? How do we involve the environment and the family in the care process?

A healthy department is always recognizable by the self-baked cake on the birthdays, for the employee… and the patient

Time to make the hospital better again and to go from a disease care to a health care. Niek has published columns in various media (including Healthcare map Netherlands and hospitable care) and he writes columns about his own experiences. Need a scoop of inspiration for your care event? Click here,

Looking for other speaker topics?

Besides speaker customer focus, Niek is also keen on the stage as Speaker leadership, inspiration, customer orientation and change.

Curious about speaker NIEK van DEN ADEL?

One day, Niek realizes that he has chosen a profession in which he works with people all day, but never really learned anything about man during all his trainings. He decides to catch up. He delves into NLP, psychology and visits every guru and everything that has to do with personal development. read more about Niek’s personal story.

This story I gun all the people standing in bed. -Jan van der Weide, clinical chemist 2018-

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