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Speaker/Inspirator/bestselling author

As a much-needed speaker on leadership, customer focus, inspiration, care and change, Niek stands at 100 + (corporate) events a year in Belgium and abroad.

In 2015, he wrote his first book, Crash. Niek’s first bestseller went over the counter for more than 10,000 times and the book was translated into English, and a second book is underway.

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“Niek got to know me as a very inspiring speaker who touches you. Just like in his blogs, he is able to make you aware of essential matters, even if it is only to make a party every day. In addition to his involvement, his positivity and the necessary dose of humor make it easy to connect with people at any level in an organization. “

You may have seen Niek come over on TV. He can be seen at RTL Late Night, on NPO1, on YouTube, podcasts and other media. Besides being a speaker, he is also founder of unhindered hospitality. Together with 25 colleagues, he makes the world more accessible and customer-oriented.

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As a speaker, Niek specialises in a number of parts. In recent years he has been speaking mainly in the field of leadership, customer orientation, inspiration, care and change. Follow Niek via His blogs, he explains more about himself and Niek as a speaker.

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NIEK'S Story bundled IN a book: CRASH

-More than 10,000 copies sold, translated into English and 5 stars on bol.com

This is not the umpteenth book of someone who was given an accident and saw the light. This is the story of Niek van den Adel. An autobiography with a recalcitrant view of reality. A story about love, pain, death seed, strength, a puppy, hospitality, perseverance, humor and success. About the fact that 90% of your body no longer works, the remnant can keep up with it every moment and you have to swallow 37 pills a day against the pain, you can do hard. Or not. You can also get married, become father, blogging, speaker, trainer and coach. Niek opted for the latter.

James Banks

There are few books that I read in one breath, and which also really touch me

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Proud speaker and collaboration with companies

“A room surprises you with a laugh and you marvel at a tear.”

-Niek van den Adel, speaker

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